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Lessons are taught by our well trained staff though practical and simpler ways so that every student is able to understand each and every concept which has been taught. Our students are exposed to models, talks by experts, digital boards and projects and assignments which take break from the monotony of regular schooling and make learning an enjoyable experience.


We are in the process of establishing a well furnished Maths Lab where the students will be introduced to the mathematical concepts in a non-stressful environment with the use of creative models and modules. Practical demonstrations activity based lessons and introduction of everyday mathematical operations will be a main feature of the Lab.


In the modern world where language is an integral means of communication it is important that children are trained at an early age in the correct usage of the languages. We are in the process of setting up of a sophisticated language lab which would be equipped with a plethora of books, Cds and audio-visual aids to cater to the needs of every child to make them proficient in the language.


With a wide array of colorful and educational toys, games , puzzles, models and miniature playground activities, the activity room is an outlet where the children can channel their physical and creative talents and learn lessons in a stress free environment.